Neurosurgery- Brain and Spine

Ivan Bhaskar (Neurosurgeon)Neurosurgery- Brain and Spine

Ivan Bhaskar is a highly qualified Australian trained Neurosurgeon with a double degree in Neurosurgery and sub-specialization in keyhole spine surgery. He also performs complex brain surgery.

Mr Bhaskar has also completed a Spine Fellowship and has expertise in keyhole spine surgeries with state of the art equipment to aid such surgeries for the management of back pain and complex spinal conditions. In addition to performing robotic spinal surgeries at the Epworth Hospital and The Valley Private Hospital, he has trained further to provide Endoscopic spine surgeries in selected cases.

He has had extensive experience with complex brain and spinal surgery having worked for the last 15 years in this specialized field.

Apart from being caring and compassionate, Ivan delivers a holistic based approach when it comes to patient care. This combined with operating at hospitals that have state of the art equipment/imaging services has ensured great patient outcomes.

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